Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

Here is some fun facts about leap year:

10. Leap Year = Extra Day in the Year 
A leap year consists of 366 days, as opposed to a common year, which has 365 days.

9. Every Four Years 
Leap Year happens every four years, so the next time February 29 will exist on our calendars will be 2016! Like US Presidential elections and Summer Olympic Games.

8. History of Leap Year 
Ancient Egyptians are smart and figured out that solar calendar and the man-made calendar didn’t match up. It takes the Earth 365 days to travel around the sun, but the Egyptians realized that it’s roughly “365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds, to be exact.” So the extra time amounts to an extra day on our calendar — Leap Year!! Julius Caeser officially added the year into Roman calendars 2,000 years ago.

7. Proposals 
Women are traditionally allowed and even encourage to propose to men on Leap Year. This tradition dates all the way back to 5th Century Ireland.

6. Leap Year Birthdays
There are about 4 million people in the world who have been born on February 29th, and the chances of having a leap year birthday are 1 in 1,461.

5. Leaplings
Those born on Leap Year are considered “leaplings,” who celebrate their birthdays on either February 28 or March 1 on a non-Leap Year. Famous leaplings include rapper Ja Rule and actor Anthony Sabato Jr.

4. Leap Year Babies  
Leap Year babies are considered to have “unusual talents” and personalities reflecting their special status. The Chinese believe that Leap Year babies are difficult to raise and unlucky.

3. Unlucky Marriage 
In Greece it’s said to be unlucky for couples to marry during a Leap Year, and especially on Leap Day.

2. Leap Year Movie 
Whaaat! If you want to learn more about Leap Year, there’s a movie starring Amy Adams that featured all the traditions of Leap Year!! Check it Out!

1. Celebrate Leap Year
Since Leap Year and Leap Day only happens once every four years, let’s celebrate!! One obvious way is to celebrate your birthday, if your a Leap Day baby. Also, you can go to Disney!! See, Disney is going to be open 24 hours on Leap Day!! Go CELEBRATE!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sad Day :(

So last June we really wanted a pet, shortly after Nicholas died. I didn't want a dog, because I was still trying to get over him. Jon has had cats all growing up. So we decided to adopt a cat. We went to the Humane Society to look at cats and I found a cat named Frost. He is a gray tabby, who is 6 years old. When I saw him I knew that was the cat I wanted. He had ended up being the best cat ever :D While at the Humane Society, Jon talked me into looking at dogs too. He saw a beagle, and asked me if we could adopt him too. He wanted a Beagle all growing up and his parents never would let him. After a little bit of hanging out with the dog, I let him adopt the beagle Scooter too. The dog was 6 years old too. The cat and dog got along. Scooter was a pretty good dog, and listened for the most part. The last few months though Grayson has been chasing him around and/or just trying to play with Scooter. Scooter would growl at him, and snip. It kept getting worse, and was to the point we were scared one day he might bite Grayson. We had grown attached to him though so we didn't want to get rid of him. When we got Sherlock, he played well with Scooter too. After a few days though Scooter started growling and snipping at Sherlock if he would even walk by him. After talking to a few people we decided the best thing would be to take Scooter back to the Humane Society, so they could find him a better home. One with children older then 6 years (he doesn't like small kids) and no pets or at least no other dogs. Among arriving at the Humane Society to drop him off, the guy at receiving told us he can't believe that we were able to adopt him. Apparently beagles aren't good with small children, even more so when they get older. We are very sad about having to give up Scooter, but we know it was the best decision and they will find him a good home.



On Presidents Day, (2/20/2012) we went as a family to go look at a 4 month old half black lab, half golden retriever puppy. His name is Sherlock. When arriving at the ladies house to meet Sherlock, we fell in love with him right away. Neither of us have had a puppy before. Jon wants all our future dogs to be puppies, so we can bond with the dog from a young age. Having a puppy terrifies me, just because they chew and can have accidents. My Dog Nicholas, who I had for 10 years passed away last summer. It took me forever to get over him. But am now ready for a new dog. So we adopted Sherlock. The lady that was selling him on KSL works all day and is going back to school in a couple weeks to get her masters. She has no time for Sherlock and wanted to find him a good home. Her brother gave her Sherlock for Christmas. He is up to date on his shots, she even was putting him through puppy training classes. We got to take him to his graduation class. Since Sherlock wasn't use to do the commands with Jon and I,  the owner is letting us take the class with him again for free!!! We're so excited cause puppy classes are expensive ($126). The lady also gave us his leash and collar, his bowls, a bag of food, a bag of puppy treats, all his toys, dog shampoo, dog cologne, and his bone. We got so lucky, and are already so in love :D Here is a pic of the newest member of the Wymore family:


The other day on one of the Mommy boards I am apart of, a mother was asking for some 2T-3T overalls. I had about 6-8 pairs of them not being used, because Grayson doesn't like them. So I traded her for 3 Cloth Diapes. I'm so excited cause my stash was only 6 before I got these. Now I am up to 9 diapes and once I receive 2 more I ordered from a lady on Facebook I will have 11. I could cloth diaper Grayson without getting frustrated with 11 cloth diapes :D And All of them are OS (One Size), so we can use them on our next kid from birth!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Family pictures

On the 18th of February we got our family pics done downtown at temple square. This girl Brie is trying to get her photography portfolio done. She is a new photographer and is trying to get established. She was offering free pictures to be taken as long as we let her be able to post the images on her blog. Free family pictures, why not? If they didn't turn out good, what would we loose? Only a hour out of our day. Brie was very patient with Grayson, while he was running around and just wanting to play. She edited the pics she took that night, and sent us our pictures first thing the next morning. I was so happy I didn't have to wait forever for them. Jon and I are extremely happy with how they turned out. And now we finally have updated family pics. The only family pics we have, are ones we had taken a month after Grayson was born. Brie is no longer taking free photo sessions, though she is very reasonably priced. You can check out her page here, and here

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the session:

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I (Nicole) have been slacking so bad lately at posting on out blog. In the next day or so I am going to try to post a few blogs to catch up on the last month LOL Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I (Nicole) am getting my hair cut and colored on Tuesday and need some suggestions. I love this cut color

but, I can't cut my hair that short with my naturally curly hair. Anyone got any suggestions???